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Transportation Department Overview

The Newton Community School District covers 195 square miles, which includes the communities of Kellogg, Lambs Grove, and Newton.

Our school buses travel over 400,000 miles annually, transporting 1500 students to and from school each day. We have 34 yellow buses and 27 support vehicles.

Our staff consists of a transportation supervisor, a secretary, two mechanics, 26 regular bus drivers and 15 substitute drivers.

We have 21 morning and afternoon routes, and 5 special needs routes.

We take great pride in assuring students a safe and reliable ride to and from school and school events.

Busing Information 2019 - 2020

The pick-up time is the time the bus will leave from that stop in order to maintain the correct schedule for the rest of the route. Please make sure that your child is at the stop at least 5 minutes before that pick-up time.

If a student was eligible for busing they were assigned to a bus automatically. If your child doesn’t need busing please give us a call and we can easily inactivate them.

Newton CSD Transportation Department:  (641) 792-4493

Some buses will be picking up/dropping off more then one time at the same stop. Example: a BMS student may be picked up by the same bus at the same stop but at a slightly earlier time then a sibling going to the high school. This is due to the volume of students that can safely be seated on the bus at any one time.

As a reminder there is no longer a transfer point at the high school. When a student boards the bus that bus will take them to the school they will be attending.

Not all buses will be going to all schools. It is very important that the student board and ride the bus they are assigned to ride.

There will be bus passes allowed for a student to bring a guest home. The pass will be issued based on available seating on the bus. The busing department needs the parents of the guest to call and give permission for that student to ride.

As in years past, the drivers will be contacting the parents/guardians of students over the summer before school starts to confirm that the student will need transportation and to deliver the busing rules and regulations. Some drivers may wait until the first day of school to give the students their information packet. Check with your student for these packets if you have not previously received one this school year. Please fill out the top sheet and return to the driver or bus garage as soon as possible.

Transportation Staff

David Kretz

David Kretz
Transportation - Supervisor


  Maintenance & Transportation

Monica Pritchard

Monica Pritchard
Transportation - Secretary


  Maintenance & Transportation

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