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800 E 4th St S
Newton, IA 50208


Sponsors & Coaches (BMS)



  • Basketball (Boys) (7th) - Loren Jacobsen, Noah Stephas
  • Basketball (Boys) (8th) - Dan Cibula, Jake Wood
  • Basketball (Girls) (7th) - Dan Cibula, Reagan Maple
  • Basketball (Girls) (8th) - Scott Garvis, Kailee Meyer
  • Cross-Country (Boys) - Chad Garvis
  • Cross-Country (Girls) - Rachel Tomas
  • Football (7th) - Cooper Heath, Ryan Maki, Jake Wood
  • Football (8th) - Mark Allen, Jake Bennett, Dakota Hills
  • Softball (7th/8th) - Jena Berkey
  • Track (Boys) (7th/8th):  Chase Dickenson, Trent Powers, Brian Springer
  • Track (Girls) (7th/8th):  Dave Hook, Noah Stephas, Eric VanderVelden
  • Wrestling (7th/8th) - Cooper Heath, Loren Jacobsen
  • Volleyball (7th) - Lori DeVries, Brooke Hamand
  • Volleyball (8th) - Jenna Bakeris

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Whether you’re raising a family, starting a business or building a home — you’ll want to get to know Newton. Our community vision statement is “Newton Shines Bright: Newton is a progressive, family friendly community, a shining star of Central Iowa, and a place to call home.”

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